T-bone Car AccidentVehicles are made to provide ease, comfort and peace of mind for the owners and passengers who utilize them. However, according to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, there were 294,747 automobile crashes in the state of New York in 2012 alone. Two types of common accidents include angle and side-collision accidents, also known as T-bone car accidents.

Our lawyers can help if you were in a car accident. If you’ve been involved in an accident that was the fault of a driver other than yourself, you may be eligible to recover damages for any medical costs accrued, damage to your vehicle, and pain and suffering.

Causes of T-Bone Car Accidents

An angle or a side collision refers to a type of car accident where one driver hits the side of another’s vehicle or hits the other vehicle at an angle, making these types of accidents much different than rear-end, head-on or single-vehicle collisions.

While factors such as road and traffic conditions, weather, and other drivers certainly can contribute to T-bone collisions, often collisions are the result of:

  • distracted driving.
  • impaired driving.
  • aggressive driving.
  • fatigued driving.

In some cases, a collision may be the result of a product defect, such as faulty brakes or defective tires on a vehicle.

Injuries from T-Bone Car Accidents

A lawyer can help recover damages related to your injuries. Some common types of injuries may include head or neck injuries, brain injuries, broken or fractured bones, internal injuries, facial injuries, bruises and lacerations, and spinal-cord injuries. In some cases, an angle or side collision can result in death.

If you’ve been injured in a T-bone car accident in New York, the time to act is now.  The statue of limitations to pursue a personal injury case is three years from the date of injury, according to New York Civil Practice Law and Rules, section 214. Of course, you may file a no-fault car accident claim and file a liability claim against the other driver if your injuries are serious or damages exceed coverage limits.

Seek Legal Recourse Now

If you’ve been injured in a serious car accident, a lawyer can help guide you through New York’s no-fault laws for car accidents and help you establish whether or not your circumstances warrant pursuing a liability claim or lawsuit. An attorney can help provide you with more information about the law, help gather the necessary documents and proof you’ll need to determine liability, and give you information about what types of compensation you may be eligible to receive.

The T-bone car accident attorneys at Gacovino, Lake & Associates P.C. in New York are familiar with car accident law, as well as personal injury law. Furthermore, we know how important your case is to you and are ready to take on any challenge. Call us today at 800-550-000 for guidance about filing your claim or for a free case consultation.