Head-On CollisionCar accidents of any kind can cause injuries and property damage to all parties involved.  Among those wrecks, a head-on collision often results in devastating injury and even death. Head-on collisions occur when two cars strike each other going in the opposite directions, and this type of crash accounted for 3,561 fatalities in 2012 alone, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Recovering from injuries sustained in a head-on collision can result in costly medical bills and time away from work, which is why it is necessary to retain the services of an attorney in this time of need.

Injuries Associated with a Head-On Collision

The types of injuries that may occur as a result of a head-on collision ultimately depend on the circumstances of the crash

  • whiplash injuries from the speed at which the neck may be whipped forward upon collision.
  • head and brain injuries in the event that the head collides with the windshield or dashboard upon impact.
  • spinal cord injuries because of trauma during the accident.
  • cuts or lacerations from broken glass from either the windshield or the windows.
  • or, bone fractures fr


But some common injuries associated with head-on collisions include: 

  • om impact with surfaces within the car. 

In the event that either the passenger or driver is unrestrained and is ejected from the car after impact in a head-on collision, other serious injuries may result upon impact with the ground.

Right to Recover Compensation after a Head-on Collision

In some cases, a driver injured in a head-on collision may fear that he or she cannot recover compensation for injuries because he or she was partially or largely at fault for the wreck. This in fact may be a deterrent for many injured parties who are unfamiliar with the law in New York.

For one, New York requires drivers carry personal injury protection (PIP), which is a no-fault coverage that pays for medical bills and certain damages up to policy limits. Also, drivers who are seriously injured or whose damages exceed PIP coverage may pursue a third-party liability claim against the other driver, even if he or she is partially at fault.

According to the guidelines set forth though in the New York Civil Practice Law and Rules § 1411, parties injured in an accident may still be able to secure compensation, even in the event that they contributed to the wreck. This law may be extremely important if an injured party was not wearing a seatbelt.

As a trier of fact may deem that by not wearing a seatbelt, the victim contributed to the injuries. The aforementioned provisions though will still allow the unrestrained party to seek compensation for damages minus any percentage of fault that person has for the accident. So even if a driver is 99 percent liable, the injured party may recover one percent of damages.

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