General Motors RecallsGeneral Motors (GM) recalls have been in the news quite a bit lately with multiple manufacturing defects causing injuries and fatalities that seem to be multiplying by the day. Since August 2014, 63 death claims and 62 injury claims have been filed with the General Motors Compensation Fund for accidents caused by defective ignition switches.

These claims are still pending and their credibility will be tested by attorneys for GM prior to issuing payment. Those who wish to seek compensation for damages can consult our General Motors recalls lawyers about their legal options.

The General Motors Recalls

In 2014, GM recalled 2.6 million cars for faulty ignition switches. The following models were involved in the recall: 

  • Saturn Ions.
  • Chevrolet Cobalts.
  • Pontiac G5s.
  • and others.

The defect was summarized as a 1.6 millimeter deficiency in “springiness” which allows the car’s engine to be turned off while driving if the key is shaken just the right way in the ignition. Not only can the defective switches cause a vehicle to lose control and cause an accident, airbags are not deployed in a crash, eliminating a potentially life-saving safety feature.

GM has identified 13 cases of fatal accidents because of the switches so far, though, many believe the number is much higher. The General Motors Compensation Fund is administered by GM attorneys and will provide restitution for individuals and families affected by an accident proven to be linked to the faulty part.

Those whose family member was killed because of the defect, or who was injured because of it, can seek compensation for their damages. Our lawyers can help explore and exercise legal options.

Questions about When General Motors Knew about the Defects

There are many questions regarding the history of these defective ignition switches. GM may have been aware of the faulty switches—which can cause a vehicle to shut off while driving or slip into an accessory mode—for over a decade.

Questions about GM’s actions over the past decade include the following. 

  • If GM knew there was a problem with the ignition switches, why was there no recall earlier?
  • Why didn’t GM notify federal safety officials of the potential dangers caused by the switch in a timelier manner?
  • Did GM continue to manufacture vehicles including the faulty switches after they were aware of the problem?
  • Did GM attempt to cover up knowledge of the problem to avoid costly recalls and repairs, putting the public at risk for harm?

These are questions that Congress and other involved parties are seeking to answer.

Other GM Recalls

While the ignition switch recall seems to be at the forefront of recent news, there are many other GM recalls affecting drivers nationwide. NBC News has reported that GM has issued recalls for over 39 million vehicles in 2014.

Recent recalls include the following issues:

  • fire dangers.
  • oil leaks.
  • steering issues,
  • and, rusting coils.

Any person harmed by a defective GM vehicle – or a family member of someone killed or seriously harmed because of a vehicle defect – can pursue compensation for their injuries from the manufacturer. We can help.

If Harmed by a GM Recall, Speak with a General Motors Recalls Attorney Today

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