Car Accident Caused by Defective Gas PedalThe gas pedal is the direct link between a driver and his ability to make the car move. If a gas pedal is defective, an attempt to stop may instead lead to a horrible collision due to the unintended acceleration, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. If you suspect you have sustained injuries, an attorney can help you secure damages.

Recent Defective Gas Pedals in the News

In 2009, defective gas pedals became a concern of millions of drivers across the world. In the fall of that year, Toyota recalled a significant amount of vehicles that were prone to unintended acceleration due to the pedals becoming stuck on a removable floor mat. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received reports of incidents attributable to this defect.

Shortly after this, Toyota initiated another recall for defective gas pedals, this time relating to the design of pedal assemblies that could lead to the accelerators becoming stuck. This recall affected over two million vehicles in the United States.

What does this mean for you if injured by a defective gas pedal?

The multiple recalls initiated by Toyota over gas pedal defects present certain points important to consumers and anybody who shares the road.

First, these recalls demonstrate that gas pedal defects are an extremely serious concern of both drivers and car manufacturers. A defective gas pedal can contribute to unintended acceleration and a subsequent devastating crash, one that is avoidable in the absence of faulty parts.

Additionally, the recalls initiated by Toyota show that defects may arise in a variety of ways. As has been demonstrated already, a gas pedal may be caught by a floor mat or may get stuck due to mechanical problems. Furthermore, with the common use of electrical systems in modern cars, gas pedal defects may arise due to an electrical malfunction.

An Attorney Can Help You File a Products Liability Claim

Car manufacturers have a duty to provide vehicles that are safe for use in their intended manner, and should not offer products that pose inherent risks to drivers. In the event that a defective gas pedal does contribute to injuries, a personal injury attorney can assist the injured party in filing a claim to recover compensation. This requires establishing the presence of a defective gas pedal as well as a link between the defect and the accident.

In some cases, if the faulty pedal was the result of a defect in both design and manufacture, an attorney can help identify all of the parties liable for the damages.

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