Defective Car Ignition SwitchAs of early 2014, media sources throughout the country highlighted one type of car defect: the defective car ignition switch. General Motors recalled millions of vehicles that may have possessed a faulty ignition switch, and it is alleged that this specific defect led to 13 deaths and at least 54 accidents, according to a June 2014 article in the New York Times.

Of course, it is possible that some General Motors vehicles remain on the road with car ignition switch problems, which could lead to devastating accidents. Anyone who suffered an injury because of a defective car ignition switch should speak to an attorney to understand his or her legal rights and how to recover compensation for damages.

What is a defective car ignition switch?

In general, a defective car ignition switch prevents the car from working properly during regular use. In the case of the small cars that GM recalled at the beginning of the year, the engine would shut off if the keys were bumped or jostled.

Once the engine was turned off, no longer would certain critical functions work, including: 

  • steering;
  • brakes; and
  • airbag deployment.

This problem was also present in certain Chevrolet Camaro models as well, although General Motors claims that the underlying problem in these vehicles is different.

This defect may not be limited to General Motors vehicles though, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began investigating possible faulty ignition switches in Chrysler automobiles, according media reports in June 2014.

How a Defective Products Attorney Helps Injured Parties Recover Compensation

Consumers have a right to use products according to their intended use without fear of being injured during the process. A product that leads to injury during use may be labeled as defective. 

Defects are generally classified in one three ways, defects in: 

  • design;
  • manufacture; or
  • marketing.

In the case of a car ignition switch that’s bad, it may be a result of one of the first two. The design of the ignition switch may be inherently dangerous, or the location or way in which it was manufactured could have led to the defect.

Whichever may be the case, an attorney can aid an injured party by examining the specifics of the accident, locating the original source or reason for the car ignition switch problems, and filing a claim against the liable party, which is typically the automaker.

In some cases there may be more than one party liable for the defect; a legal professional will help by identifying all possible parties that could have contributed to the problem.

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