Bus AccidentsBuses provide one of the easiest ways to travel around New York. Unfortunately though, with the many metropolitan lines, county buses, school buses, and private carrier buses carrying passengers each day comes a risk of bus accidents.

According to a 2011 compilation of traffic safety facts provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 57,000 bus crashes occurred in that year alone in the U.S., with 13,000 resulting in injury and 244 proving to be fatal.

Additionally, because of the size and weight of an average bus, passengers involved in a crash may sustain serious injuries that require costly medical treatments. Anyone injured in a bus accident in New York should consult a lawyer immediately in order to begin filing an accident claim.

Causes of Bus Accidents

Like with any other motor vehicle accident, there may be a variety of factors that contribute to bus accidents.

Some factors that may lead to a bus crash include:

  • driver fatigue;
  • passengers causing a distraction for the driver;
  • the driver going too fast in order to adhere to a timetable;
  • defective bus parts or parts that were improperly maintained;
  • bus overload; or
  • driver inexperience.

In some cases, only the passengers riding on the bus may sustain injuries. Because buses often travel on busy roads throughout metropolitan areas, those injured in a bus accident may include:

  • pedestrians;
  • other drivers and their passengers;
  • bicyclists; and
  • motorcyclists.

Who is liable for a bus crash?

Under Article 4, Section 96 of the New York Transportation Code, common carriers, those who are providing a transportation service, must do so in a safe manner. Common carriers must exercise care when providing their service to passengers. If a driver’s erratic behavior led to a crash, the company or agency operating the bus may be liable for any damages sustained as a result.

Beyond this though, other parties may be involved in a bus crash, and could be liable as well. A bus manufacturer may have provided the bus company with a defective product, which could have subsequently led to the bus accident. Another driver may have actually caused the accident and could thus be liable.

An attorney can help injured parties identify the party liable for the accident, and file a claim to recover due compensation. If a government bus was involved, it might be more complex to sue a government agency in New York. A bus accident lawyer can assist with this process or any serious bus accident case.

Contact a New York Bus Accident Attorney

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