If you received a gynecomastia diagnosis while using Invega or shortly after stopping, you may be eligible to hold the drug manufacturer liable for your related medical bills and emotional damages. There are already thousands of lawsuits pending against Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Johnson & Johnson, the makers of Invega. The plaintiffs in these suits allege Invega causes abnormal growth of breast tissue in males. This condition then leads to social and emotional problems, as well as requiring treatment that often includes surgery.
If you or a loved one received a gynecomastia diagnosis after using Invega or Invega Sustenna, you may be entitled to receive money to cover your damages, including medical expenses, mental anguish, and out-of-pocket costs. If you believe you have a viable claim related to this drug, give Gacovino, Lake & Associates, P.C. a call today. You can reach us at 800-550-0000 to schedule a time to meet with an Invega gynecomastia lawsuit lawyer.

What Is the Issue with Invega and Similar Antipsychotic Drugs?

Invega, also known by the generic name paliperidone, is closely related to Risperdal (risperidone), another popular antipsychotic drug.
Both belong to the atypical antipsychotic class of medications, and are made by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. Invega is an extended release formula of the drug, allowing users to take just one pill a day.
These medications do include warnings for a few serious complications, but gynecomastia is not among them. While abnormal breast development might seem like a trivial cosmetic side effect, those who suffer from the condition understand how it can greatly impact their quality of life. The development of large breasts is not only humiliating and difficult to deal with, it can also require breast reduction surgery if they do not return to their normal size after stopping the medication.
Many boys and men who experience gynecomastia also report teasing and bullying, especially if they developed the abnormal tissue at a young age. Often, they report the psychological trauma the suffered was worse than the physical effects. This is especially true for many who suffered from depression related to their underlying condition that necessitated the medication.

Are There Studies That Support the Link Between Invega and Gynecomastia?

Most of the studies done focus on the development of gynecomastia after taking Risperdal or risperidone, which is closely related to paliperidone. Both drugs have similar side effects and potential complications.
In 2014, Medscape reported that researchers at the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry (AAGP) 2014 Annual Meeting presented evidence linking both risperidone and paliperidone with male breast growth. This research looked at national health claims data and found older men who took risperidone or paliperidone had a 69 percent higher risk of developing gynecomastia than their same-age peers who did not take Invega or another drug from that family.

What Is the Current Status of the Invega Lawsuits?

As the manufacturer of both Risperdal and Invega, Johnson & Johnson faces thousands of civil suits that allege it failed to warn patients that its antipsychotic medications may cause significant breast growth in male patients prescribed these drugs. The plaintiffs believe Johnson & Johnson knew of the risk, but failed to warn these men adequately before they began to experience unwanted breast development.
Men are still filing cases against Johnson & Johnson. As of January 2018, there are thousands of cases pending accusing the drug manufacturer of downplaying the risks of gynecomastia.
This multidistrict litigation (MDL), which includes both Invega and Risperdal cases, is ongoing in the Los Angeles County Superior Court Complex Litigation Program. The case is known as Risperdal and Invega Product Liability Cases, JCCP No. 4775. None of these cases have settled as of January 2018.
If you believe your unexplained breast growth occurred because of your use of the medication Invega, we can help you hold the makers of these drugs responsible for the damages they caused and the torment you suffered.
There is evidence that points to the link between Invega and other risperidone- and paliperidone-related products and unexplained breast growth in men. We can use this evidence to prove Johnson & Johnson is responsible for your injuries and to demand a fair compensation package in return. If you are curious about whether you have a viable claim, contact us today. We offer complimentary case evaluations, and handle these cases on a contingency basis.

How Can I Talk to an Invega Gynecomastia Lawsuit Lawyer About My Case?

At Gacovino, Lake & Associates, P.C., our legal team knows what it takes to win this type of lawsuit. Give us a call today at 800-550-0000, and we can set up a time to discuss your case. We provide free case reviews, to answer any questions you may have and offer advice on how to get the full amount of compensation you deserve.