Immigration law refers to the complex body of legislation that defines citizenship, dictates who is considered to be a “foreign citizen,” and outlines the process for “naturalization,” i.e. gaining citizenship, if and when possible. While immigration laws vary from country to country, they typically also change with the modern political climate.

Issues commonly governed by immigration law include (but aren’t limited to):

  •     Adjustment of Status (the process of securing a greencard without having to leave the U.S.)
  •     Asylum (the process of trying to obtain U.S. residency in an effort to avoid persecution in their home country)
  •     Deportation (the expulsion of an individual from the country based on, for example, criminal acts the individual has committed)
  •     Employment, Family, Marriage, and/or Student Visas (legal paperwork that authorizes a person to enter the U.S. for a specific reason, such as to work, marry, study, etc.)
  •     Naturalization (the process of attaining U.S. citizenship)
How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help You

At the very least, dealing with any of the above-mentioned immigration matters will involve filling out and filing various immigration forms with the proper agency (by a specified deadline). In many cases, immigration matters will also require hearings, court appearances and other legal proceedings that can seem confusing and complicated.

It is important to hire an attorney experienced in immigration law to help you navigate through the legal system quickly and efficiently. At Gacovino, Lake, & Associates, our esteemed immigration lawyers have extensive knowledge of U.S. immigration laws. We have successfully litigated more than 20,000 cases for our clients, and we will work tirelessly to help those facing immigration issues resolve their case as favorably as possible.

The immigration attorneys at Gacovino, Lake, & Associates understand the severity and sensitivity of immigration issues, and are dedicated to providing our clients top-of-the-line legal representation from the initial phases of their case through the final resolution and aftermath.

Contact an Immigration Lawyer

With the complex and continually changing nature of immigration laws, it’s important that those dealing with such serious issues secure the services of an experienced and skilled immigration lawyer in order to avoid potentially life-altering outcomes and to achieve a successful resolution to their case. Call (800) 246-4878 to schedule an evaluation of your case.