Join a Class Action Lawsuit

Why Should I Join a Class Action Lawsuit?

Class action lawsuits offer a way for a large group of victims to take on the party who caused them to suffer injuries or face financial losses. By grouping the plaintiffs into a single class, it makes litigation easier and cheaper for everyone involved. This process has many advantages, although there may be a few disadvantages as well in some cases. For most people, though, it is a good idea to join a class action lawsuit rather than pursuing an individual claim.

What Are Some of The Reasons We Recommend Our Clients Join a Class Action Lawsuit?

Class Action Lawsuits Make Litigation Much Cheaper

Class action litigation groups the plaintiffs together, and only focuses on one case that is representative of the entire class. This helps drastically reduce court costs and attorneys’ fees for the plaintiffs as a single party goes through the discovery and trial process, rather than hundreds or thousands of parties handling the same process individually.
At the end of a case when they reach a settlement, or when the judge awards a payout, the members of the class split the cost of filing the lawsuit. In some cases, this may only be a few dollars or even less per plaintiff. If you filed an individual claim, the costs could easily add up to thousands of dollars, and there is no guarantee you would receive a payout that would make these fees worth it.

You Can Recover Compensation Even in Small Claims

We often see our clients join a class action when it does not make monetary sense to file an individual claim. While you may want to hold the company or individual who wronged you accountable for the damage it caused, it does not make sense to pay thousands of dollars in a case when you are unlikely to recover more than a few dollars.
With a class action lawsuit, however, sharing the litigation costs with others can allow you to file this type of claim without going in debt. This means a class action lawsuit allows many people to recover compensation in cases where they might otherwise not be able to file a viable claim.

They May Result in a Faster Settlement or Award

Because a single judge hears a class action suit, class action suits can be much quicker and more efficient for the judicial system than hearing all the individual claims in a case.
This type of process relies on only one settlement or one decision, which speeds up the time it takes to work through a case in court. If you file an individual lawsuit against a party who caused harm to many, you could wait years before the court gets to your case depending on how early in the process you filed your claim.

Everyone Receives a Part of The Payout

The members of the class all receive a portion of the payout in a class action settlement or award. While it might not be substantial, every member of the class walks away with some type of compensation.
It is surprising to many people, but individual claimants do not always receive a settlement or award even if they win their case. This is because companies only have a certain amount of money. When a defendant faces hundreds of lawsuits at once, it will eventually empty its bank account. The earlier you file, the less chance this occurs. However, if others already filed a claim you may be better off joining the class action instead of pursuing an individual lawsuit.

When Should I Not Join a Class Action in My Injury Case?

In most cases, it is a good idea to join the class action if you believe you suffered injuries or financial losses caused by the defendant. We do recommend you give us a call and discuss your situation with one of our class action lawsuit attorneys before you make a decision, however. We can help you examine your legal options and ensure joining the class is the right option for you.
Occasionally, your injuries or losses may be significantly more than others in the class, or your situation may be considerably different. If this occurs, joining the class action lawsuit might not be the best option to get the full amount of compensation you need.
An individual lawsuit where we could present the unique aspects of your case might be necessary to prove the extent of your injuries. Or we might suggest you join a mass tort. The process is similar to a class action; however, you will receive a payout based on the severity of your injuries rather than an equal piece of a class action award.
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