Complications that occurred due to transvaginal mesh products spurred the creation of one of the largest mass torts in the United States. Bard and six other companies faced thousands of lawsuits alleging defective mesh patches, slings, and tapes caused patients to suffer adverse effects and undergo additional surgeries. Transvaginal mesh offers a less invasive way to repair pelvic organ prolapse, but for many women, it may not be worth the risks involved. Many of these women have turned to a Bard Pelvicol, PelviSoft, or PelviLace mesh lawsuit lawyer for help.

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What Type of Adverse Events Are Women Experiencing Because of These Vaginal Mesh Products?

Bard marketed a number of transvaginal mesh products, including Pelvicol, PelviSoft, and PelviLace. All of these products use a specially designed implantable polypropylene mesh to treat pelvic organ prolapse, stress urinary incontinence, and other issues. While this mesh and related products offer a less invasive way to correct some of these issues, many women also experience significant and serious complications related to the implanted mesh. Some of the reported side effects include:

  • Mesh contraction;
  • Mesh erosion;
  • Infections around the mesh;
  • Inability to completely remove the mesh;
  • Unexplained pain;
  • Pain and discomfort during sex;
  • Vaginal scarring;
  • Recurrence of pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence; and
  • Other urinary problems.

When a woman’s vaginal mesh fails or she suffers serious side effects, the only option may be revision surgery. Unfortunately, many surgeons are finding that removing the mesh is not as easy as it should be. It sometimes gets embedded in nearby tissues. This means complete removal may require additional surgeries, or be impractical. If this occurs, it often makes it difficult to address the pelvic organ prolapse or other issue.

If you have suffered these serious side effects and required additional surgeries after receiving a Bard vaginal mesh implant, contact our attorneys today. We will examine your case and determine if you qualify for compensatory damages from the manufacturer.

Has the Federal Government Taken Action Against Bard or Other Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturers?

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) did not take action against any individual pharmaceutical companies in the wake of the onslaught of complaints related to transvaginal mesh products such as Pelvicol, PelviSoft, and PelviLace. The FDA has, however, issued a warning following thousands of adverse event reports from both doctors and patients. The FDA now warns doctors and their female patients about the risk of serious complications that accompanies vaginal mesh implants.

The FDA has also authored a white paper containing information about the increased risk of complications when surgeons implant mesh in pelvic organ prolapse repair procedures.

The FDA’s current stance on Pelvicol, PelviSoft, PelviLace, and other types of vaginal mesh is that more traditional repair procedures are usually just as effective without the added complications that can occur with transvaginal mesh. Except in rare cases, there is typically no need for doctors to use transvaginal mesh during treatment.

What Is the Current Status of the Bard Pelvicol, PelviSoft, and PelviLace Mesh Lawsuits?

As one of the largest mass torts in U.S. history, the transvaginal mesh lawsuits involved many cases. At its peak, there were thousands of lawsuits pending against vaginal mesh manufacturers. The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation consolidated most of those suits into a single multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia, with Judge Joseph R. Goodwin presiding. The defendants in this MDL were seven device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies that manufactured and marketed transvaginal mesh products.

The MDL joined all of these cases for discovery and pretrial proceedings, with the intention that each individual case would head back to its original jurisdiction for trial. This is the usual process in an MDL. In 2015, however, after it was apparent from the bellwether trials that the claimants had a strong case, Judge Goodwin made an unusual request of the defendants. He asked the representative of each company to consider paying out a settlement instead of continuing each case on a local level. With more than 70,000 cases still pending at that time, it was obvious what a bottleneck these trials could create for courts nationwide. In addition, he wanted to ensure all injured claimants received the compensation they deserved. A settlement would also prevent the company from going out of business or filing bankruptcy.

The judge’s urging for a settlement was relatively effective. Many of the companies settled most—if not all—of the remaining cases. For Bard’s part of the deal, the company offered to pay more than $200 million to 3,000 women who suffered injuries after a procedure using Pelvicol, PelviSoft, PelviLace, or other vaginal mesh products from the company.

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