Patchogue Product Liability

If you believe a manufacturer’s false advertising or negligent product development led to an injury for you or a loved one, you may have grounds for a product liability lawsuit.

Companies that manufacture and advertise products for sale have an obligation to consumers to deliver safe and reliable items. Most of the time, they do. However, when a manufacturer creates a product that delivers an unreasonable risk of illness or injury to those who use it, you have the right to seek compensation.

A product liability lawyer serving Patchogue from Gacovino, Lake & Associates, P.C. may be able to defend your rights to compensation while you concentrate on your recovery. We may be able to help you recover a fair settlement or court awards for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

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Determining Whether You Are Eligible to Receive Compensation

To win most product liability cases, you have to be able to prove that the malfunctioning product caused some sort of harm to you. This may include both economic and non-economic damages.

Some of the items for which you may be entitled to receive compensation include:

  • Doctor visit bills
  • Hospitalization bills
  • Prescription medication
  • Therapy bills
  • Estimates for future costs for medical care
  • Lost wages, both now and in the future
  • Reduced earning income
  • Pain and suffering
  • And more

In the worse possible scenario, should the defective product cause the death of a family member, you may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party. And a Patchogue product liability lawyer can help.

Duty of the Manufacturer

The manufacturer has a responsibility to protect the consumer as he or she uses the product, according to the Harvard Business Review. Some of the ways a manufacturer may fail to perform this duty adequately, potentially leading to a personal injury lawsuit, include:

  • Instructions: Where the manufacturer must give the consumer the information required to operate the product in a safe manner.
  • Warnings: Where the product maker must let the consumer know if the product has a defect or if the product should not be used in certain ways.
  • Safe materials: Where the manufacturer must use materials that are safe for people to touch and use, as exposure to dangerous chemicals and compounds could cause illness.
  • Truth in advertising: Where the manufacturer must be honest in its advertising about how the product will work and what its potential side effects are.

If you believe that a manufacturer violated any of these areas in selling you a defective product, you have the right to seek damages.

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Examples of Defective Products

Many different types of defective or dangerous products could qualify for a defective product lawsuit if they cause injury.

Defective Motor Vehicle Products

A variety of motor vehicle products could result in a product liability lawsuit if they are defective and contribute to an accident. This may include:

  • Brakes
  • Steering system
  • Tires
  • Windshield wipers
  • Headlights
  • Brake lights
  • Transmission system
  • Accelerator pedal
  • Seat belt
  • Airbag

Defective Toys and Baby Products

Products that manufacturers aim at children may have product recalls. This means that the manufacturer made a mistake in creating the product initially, and the recall allows the manufacturer to fix the mistake.

However, before the toy or child’s product is fixed, you or your child may have suffered an injury. A manufacturer may still be liable for the injuries caused by a product that is eventually recalled.

Defective Household Equipment

Multiple products that people use around the house on a regular basis could end up being dangerous or defective.

Often times, dangerous household equipment involves electrical failures, which can lead to a fire that results in smoke inhalation, burns, or other serious injuries.

Medical Products

Because medical devices and pharmaceuticals must go through stringent rounds of testing, you may think that defective products are rare in this area of the market.

However, a medical company may falsify testing results in an effort to release a product. This can lead to danger for consumers.

A dangerous drug could lead to life-threatening side effects. A medical device that malfunctions may also cause bodily injury to the patient, creating new or more severe injuries.

Building Materials

If the manufacturer of your home used unsafe materials in the construction, you could end up with a serious health condition that may develop over time. Figuring out exactly which material is causing the illness can be tricky.

Some building materials may use chemicals that are proven to be harmful to humans, which could leave you injured if you are exposed to them.

A Patchogue Product Liability Lawyer Can Work to Represent Your Interests

If you were injured by a defective or dangerous product in Patchogue, Gacovino, Lake & Associates, P.C. may be able to fight for your compensation while you concentrate on your recovery.

Our firm can investigate your case for evidence of the responsible party’s liability. We can also collect evidence of the full extent of your injuries to use in settlement negotiations. If the responsible party’s insurance company is not willing to make you a fair offer, we can file a lawsuit against them in court.

For a free review of your case, call Gacovino, Lake & Associates, P.C. at (631) 600-0000. We work on a contingency-fee basis, which means we do not accept any fees for our legal services unless and until you recover compensation.