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Driving uninsured is negligent. It can put the driver at a high risk of financial emergency, and it could do the same to anyone they get into an accident with. Insurance allows a car accident victim to pay for treatment of injuries and replacement or repair of a vehicle. Without it, the financial burden comes down on the driver alone. A lawsuit can help a victim navigate through the aftermath of an accident that was not their fault.

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Insurance Is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), there were nearly 300,000 crashes in 2014. Over 1,000 people died in crashes in that same year. Thousands of people who are in accidents every year require hospital stays, surgeries, and other treatments for injuries. Even if they are not injured, most drivers involved in a crash will need to pay for repair to their vehicle.

Accidents are an enormous problem across the country, which is why car insurance is a necessity for operating a vehicle on the road. It is a protection not only for the driver who carries it but also for other drivers. Anyone who drives without insurance is taking a major risk and committing a crime.

Everyone operating a motor vehicle in New York must carry auto insurance. The New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) outlines the minimum amounts of insurance, including $50,000 in coverage for bodily injury to all people involved in an accident. If the other driver in your accident did not have insurance, they violated the law. It does not absolve them of any financial responsibility in the accident. Call us today to learn how an Oakdale uninsured car accident lawyer can help.

Insurance Pays for Some of the Costs of an Accident

As we all know, the purpose of insurance is to try and help a person through a time of crisis, in your case, a car accident. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), New York is the fifth most expensive auto insurance state. Insurance can pay for medical expenses, lost wages from time missed at work, and damage to a vehicle. In some cases, the car may need to be replaced entirely, and insurance can also cover that.

In some cases, insurance cannot pay for all the damages from an accident. In those cases, you have the option of a lawsuit. A lawsuit can help you pursue the responsible party for costs that you cannot get covered with your insurance policy. Some of the damages you can get from a lawsuit include non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, inconvenience, humiliation, and more.

When the driver at fault does not have insurance, it creates a problem for both them and the victim they hit. The victim (you, in this case) is still entitled to financial compensation for damages. Though your insurance could help you with some of the costs, the driver who is at fault should be held liable for damages you cannot get from your own policy.

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Do Not Miss the Statute of Limitations

In the state of New York, you have three years from the time of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit, according to New York’s Civil Practice Law and Rules (CVP) §214(4). If the victim in the accident died as a result of their injuries, their surviving family members have two years from the time of death to file a lawsuit, according to Estates, Powers, and Trusts Law (EPT) §5-4.1. There can sometimes be exceptions to these limitations. A lawyer from Gacovino, Lake & Associates, P.C. can shed light on your particular situation and help you determine whether you are eligible for an extension.

With a successful case, you could recover many of the damages from your accident, even if the other driver does not have auto insurance. Together, we can seek to recover costs, such as:

● Medical bills for everything from primary care physician visits to hospitalization

● Lost wages for work you were forced to miss because of your injuries

● Repair or replacement costs for your vehicle involved in the accident

● Property damage for other items you may have lost in the accident

● Pain and suffering

● Inconvenience

● Anxiety and depression

If you lost a loved one because of the accident, you can recover the costs to treat them before they died. You can also pursue the costs of a funeral and burial of your family member.

It is an unfortunate reality that some people do not pay for auto insurance despite operating a motor vehicle. This does not mean, though, they should not be held responsible for an accident that was their fault. We can help you figure out your options and provide legal advice and assistance. Call us today.

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