Long Island Boating Accident Lawyer

It may not seem like you should have to worry about suffering an injury accident while boating, because lakes and oceans in the area are not as congested with traffic as roadways in the state of New York. However, as a Long Island boating accident lawyer, we know that boating accidents occur with more frequency than you may think.

The U.S. Coast Guard investigated 4,158 boating accidents throughout the United States in 2015, which resulted in 626 fatalities and more than 2,600 injuries, showing that any accident involving a boat has a high chance of involving injuries and fatalities.

If you believe another boat operator made a mistake that resulted in the accident and your injuries, you have the right to seek compensation, just as you would with a motor vehicle accident. Consider hiring Gacovino, Lake & Associates, P.C. to help with your case. For a free consultation, contact us at (631) 600-0000 as soon as possible.

Causes of Boating Accidents

For those operating or riding in a motorboat, accidents can occur for a number of reasons. Some accidents involve a single boat, while others involve two or more boats. Some of the most common reasons for boating accidents include:

  • Multiple boat collision: two or more boats crash into each other while on the water
  • Hitting a swimmer: a boat strikes a swimmer, water skier, or another person who is in the water, causing injuries
  • Hitting a personal watercraft: a boat strikes a canoe, jet ski, or another type of watercraft
  • Single boat collision: the driver of the boat strikes a stationary object floating on the water or a bridge, causing a serious injury
  • Capsized boat: the driver of the boat tries to turn too sharply or loses control, causing the boat to flip over, resulting in injuries to the passengers

There are reasons a boater could become involved in an accident other than those we have listed. If you suffered an injury on the water and it involved some sort of watercraft, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the boat’s operator.

Injuries to Passengers

Many times when you are operating a boat, you will have passengers on the boat, rather than operating the watercraft alone. When another operator causes your boating accident, anyone who suffers an injury in your boat, including you or any of your passengers, has the right to file a lawsuit.

A Long Island boating accident lawyer with Gacovino, Lake & Associates, P.C. will study the facts in the case to determine the at-fault party and build a personal injury claim on your behalf.

We can help you negotiate with the insurance company that is representing the negligent boater, looking to receive the fairest compensation for you. Should the insurer refuse to come to a fair settlement, we will stand by your side in a court case. Call us at (631) 600-0000 today for a free case review.

Drinking while Boating

One of the most common reasons for accidents on the waterways occurs when people have been drinking before operating the boat or while operating the boat. According to the New York Post, 138 boating while intoxicated arrests occurred in 2018. In Suffolk County, there were 52 boating while intoxicated arrests.

Over the past several years, the state of New York has strengthened its laws regarding those who are drunk while operating a boat. Should the law enforcement officer investigating the boating accident in which you were injured issue a citation to the other boat operator for drinking while operating the boat, this is a helpful piece of evidence in your personal injury case.

Even if the other boat operator does not receive a citation, if you can show that the other boater drank any alcohol or took drugs before beginning to drive the boat, this could help to strengthen your personal injury lawsuit against the other boater.

Common Injuries in Boating Accidents

When someone is injured in a boating accident, he or she could suffer a wide range of injuries. Some of these could cause you to have to miss a significant amount of time from work, or they could force you to undergo weeks or months of rehabilitation and therapy to attempt to return to as normal of a life as possible.

Some of the most common injuries in boating accidents include:

  • Head and neck injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Water inhalation
  • Hypothermia
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Muscle or ligament damage
  • Burns
  • Cuts and bruises

In the worst-case scenario, someone involved in the boating accident could have suffered a fatality. If this occurred to a family member of yours, you have the right to seek damages in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Medical Care After a Boating Accident

After an accident involving a boat, you may go to a hospital for emergency care in an ambulance.

If you do not believe you need immediate care after the accident, you may find that your pain and injuries become more severe several hours after the accident.

Either way, you should visit a doctor to have a thorough examination of your injuries as soon as possible after the crash.

We Are Ready to Negotiate on Your Behalf

The reasons for boating accidents vary. Sometimes, equipment failure could lead to a boating crash. Other times, the negligence of another boater on the water could result in a crash.

If you did nothing wrong, you should not have to pay your medical bills or suffer the financial hardship of missing work all on your own. When others are responsible for your injuries, you may want to consider hiring a Long Island boating accident lawyer to protect your financial losses.

With the team at Gacovino, Lake & Associates, P.C. working on your case, we will take the time to investigate the accident, determining which parties should be held responsible for the crash. If more than one party was involved, we can make multiple parties part of the personal injury lawsuit. Call us today at (631) 600-0000 for a free case review.